Designed to be different, just like you

Your home is an expression of self. The hues, styles and materials that convey not just your unique personality, but your ethos; to support local, shop sustainable and protect the stunning place you’re lucky enough to call home. 

But finding that perfect piece is easier said than done and no amount of Pinterest pins will help you wade through the sea of imports, mass-produced replicas, unsustainable materials and same same styles found in stores throughout New Zealand.

What makes us different? Well, why not take a seat and find out what we stand for. 

New Zealand is home to an array of exquisite natural materials; a lush forest of textures, colours and contours that combine with international influence to provide our inspiration. Locally sourced, mindfully harvested, lovingly handcrafted and sustainably packaged, they form that collection of unique pieces you’ve been searching for. 

To ensure they stay exclusive, each one is a limited edition with just a few released to distinctive individuals like you. On those occasions when local materials just aren’t an option, we scour the world for a worthy supplier and ensure their ethos is in line with ours. 

Now, you might be wondering why a furniture company cares so much about your individuality, but the truth is we were once unsatisfied shoppers too. The three letters in our name stand for our three founders, each with a different skill set, all with the same ethos. 

Together we draft, craft and source furniture and homeware right here in New Zealand. Together we are Mia Living - designed to be different.